The art of perfect lashes

Using high quality individual lashes and a unique solvent-free flexi glue formulation, mylash extensions are comfortable to wear and offer a wide range of looks, from the very natural to full on glamour.

mylash Professional are single lash extensions providing length, curl and thickness to natural lashes for up to three months, perfect for long-term beautiful lashes.

mylash Express are single lash extensions providing a fast way to add length, curl and thickness to natural lashes for up to 2 weeks, making them ideal for special occasions and holidays.


Human Eyelash Theory and how Lash Extensions fit in

The human eyelash grows between 6-9mm in length and they are located in distinct rows on the eyelid. Some people can have as little as 30 lashes on their upper lid and others more than 150 lashes on the upper lid and about 80 lashes on the lower lid.

Unlike hair, eyelashes and eyebrows have a very short growth phase of about 30-45 days. The eyelash grows for this amount of time and then rests for the remainder of its life. The average life span of an eyelash is approximately 3 months. This is why it is recommended to have semi-permanent eyelash extensions removed after 3 months.

Once an eyelash reaches maturity it will fall out and a new lash will start to grow in its place. If an eyelash extension is attached, then it will fall out along with your natural lash. As not all eyelashes grow at the same rate, you will have a natural ‘shedding’ of lashes over time. This is why it is recommended to have in-fills done every 2-3 weeks, to replace the loss of your naturally mature lashes.

The reason why Express lashes must be removed after 2 weeks is because they are not attached to individual lashes, instead they are ‘laid’ across the top layer of your eyelashes and may be attached to more than one lash at a time. When your natural lash needs to fall out, it won’t be able to become detached if it has a lash extension glued to it, so for eye health reasons you do not want a build up of detaching lashes. As there are bound to be some lashes that have detached in a 2 week period, they should therefore all be removed at this time. A new set can be applied immediately if required.

Your treatment at Spata Health & Beauty

Consultation & Patch Test

Firstly, you will be required to attend a consultation appointment and have a patch test. This must be done at least 24 hours prior to your actual treatment.

At your consultation we will complete a record card, check the health of your eyes and ensure you are free of any contra-indications that will prevent you from having a patch test or a full treatment.

We will discuss the treatment with you to ascertain the type of look that can be achieved and answer any questions you may have. The final look that can be achieved will depend on various factors such as your own natural lash length and condition; the amount of natural lashes you have; your eye size, shape and position; and your own preferences.

The patch test will involve attaching 2 or 3 lash extensions to the outer corners of your upper eyelashes and is mainly to ensure that you do not have any adverse reactions to the adhesive.


Your lower lashes will be protected during the application process and you will be laid down, warm and comfortable. Your eyes will need to remain closed most of the time but due to the unique solvent-free formulation of the mylash adhesive, you will be asked to open your eyes at various times throughout the process for us to check the look of the lashes and also to aid the comfort and lubrication of your eyes. There are no solvents used in the manufacture of the glue, which are the ingredients that can irritate the mucus membrane of the eye, therefore eye watering and irritation are highly unlikely.

Depending on which system you opt for, the type of look you require and the amount of lashes that can be applied, you can expect your treatment time to be roughly as follows:-

mylash Professional – approximately 2-3 hours

mylash Express  – approximately ¾ hour


How to look after your lashes

– For the first two hours, do not allow water to contact your eyelashes

– For the first two days, do not wash lashes with hot water or steam the face

– Avoid swimming or exercise that may cause excessive perspiration

Day three onwards

– Do not cover the eyelash area, this can cause lashes to curl or overlap

– Avoid sleeping face down on your lashes

– Avoid rubbing the eye and lashes

– Avoid heat treatments such as steam rooms, sauna, tanning rooms

– If required, only use water soluble mascara

– Do not use any oil based make-up remover on lashes

– Do not attempt to pull out lash extensions as this may result in the loss of your natural lashes

mylash Professional

Your natural lashes will fall out over time – to maintain the effect, lashes should be in-filled approximately every 2-3 weeks and should be removed after 12 weeks.

mylash Express

Lashes should be professionally removed after a maximum of two weeks.


mylash is a very high quality lash extension system.  Here at Spata Health & Beauty we have priced our lash treatments very fairly and competitively in our area.

mylash Professional

Full Glamorous Look £62
Full Glamour In-fills £32
Natural Enhancement £48
Natural In-fills £28
mylash Express £27

Include a tint to your natural lashes (reduced cost)   £10

(recommended for blonde/pale lashes)

Lash Removal & Conditioning Treatment             £5

NB: Spata Health & Beauty provides free professional removal of both lash systems